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Dynamic configuration

GOST can be dynamically configured through Web API. The objects that support dynamic configuration are: service, chain, auther, bypass, admission controller, resolver, hosts. Configuration changes take effect immediately.

For detailed description, please refer to the online API documentation.


In GOST, all dynamically configured objects are immutable instances. Subsequent update operations generate a new object instance to replace the existing one.


Get Current Config


Save Config

Save the current configuration to the gost.json or gost.yaml file.

curl -X POST


Services can be dynamically configured through Web API.

Create a New Service

Adding a new service will not affect the existing service. If the configuration is successful, the service will take effect immediately.

curl -d \

Update Service

Updating an existing service will cause the service to restart.

curl -X PUT -d \

Delete Service

Deleting an existing service immediately shuts down and deletes the service.

curl -X DELETE 

Forwarding Chain

Forward Reference

The configuration in GOST supports forward reference. When an object references another object (for example, a service refers to a forwarding chain), the referenced object may not exist, and the reference can be made valid by adding this object later.

Create Chain

After the forwarding chain is successfully configured, the objects referencing this forwarding chain will take effect immediately.

curl -d \

Update Chain

Replaces an existing forward chain object with the requested configuration.

curl -X PUT -d \

Delete Chain

curl -X DELETE